Comments from a sampling of folks who brought our crayfish into their homes or classrooms . Note – we used to keep this section regularly updated, but we get these remarks eack week and have lost the time needed to keep this section updated. In 2010, we decided to drop dealing in shrimp entirely (Caridina) and focus on providing high quality marmorkrebs (Marbled Crayfish) to universities, public school systems and private aquarium keepers.

Aug 19, 2009 Wow, Mark was not kidding about the FAKES out there. We found plenty of folks on the web offering Marbled Crayfish for cheaper. We ordered some from 3 different sources. What happened? These little monsters ate all our fish and then ate each other, and none ever had any eggs or babies. They did resemble marbled crayfish but were obviously not. So we ordered 4 REAL ones from Mark and within 3 weeks, they all had eggs, and never touched our replacement fish. You get what you pay for. – Larry G.

Aug 10, 2009 Hello everyone! We met with Mark in person and he spent plenty of time discussing the care of the Marbled Crayfish, in a way that was impressive to us – and we are professional biologists. While he is not affiliated with a University, he certainly SHOULD be. We know people of lesser knowledge collecting government grants to breed aquatic species. Mark even clued us in on growing our own organic cucumbers to feed the marbled crayfish, which works wonderfully well! – Dr. B. Rosenthal

Aug 4, 2009 Greetings from New York City! We had seen Mark’s ads for about a year before we decided to set up a tank and give the Marmorkrebs a try. While the shipping cost is really high, it was worth every penny. We received very healthy individuals who are already having eggs. We are looking forward to raising them to feed our cichlids. – Amy F.

July 22, 2009 Fantastic! The Marbled Crayfish are healthy and vigorous, and Mark knows his stuff – about the animal itself and careful shipping. We could not be happier and are going order again next week after we set up another new tank for another colony! – D. Brown and Family

July 12, 2009 We met Mark locally and he could not be a more personable fellow with obvious pride in his Marbled Crayfish. They have turned out to be great to watch and are already having babies for our own feeder colony. We would recommend these over the “cheap deals” because this is quality proven stock, backed by a gentleman who embodies good customer service. – Stan Hollingsworth

July 8, 2009 Dude! UR crays R awesome! They are having babies & eggs already! They are everything you promised and well worth the totally high shipping price – and I know you don’t control the shipping! – Sandy Boggler

June 20, 2009 We saw Mark’s ads on Craigslist several times before looking at the website, and it still took us awhile to get a new tank ready and order. Boy am I glad we did! I am a Biology teacher in Texas and we will have the Marbled Crays in my classroom this year. Mark has done his research and knows these animals like most academian-level biologists. He also is very patient answering questions before and after the sale. Wish more people in the world did business in this way, obviously caring for the product and the customer. – A. Radcliffe

June 10, 2009 What a treat! We were stunned by the high shipping prices and almost said “forget it” but we are now SO GLAD we ordered the Marbled Crayfish. Our children love them, they are great to watch for hours, and as we set up a tank exactly like Mark’s website instructed, we have a beautiful colony started. When we have enough to spare, we have fish and turtles who will eat up as many as we can throw them. We absolutely recommend Mark’s Marbled Crayfish. We found out some friends of ours found a “cheaper deal” on some Marbled Crays online, and they turned out to be fakes! They destroyed their aquarium and ate up all the fish, because someone out for a fast buck was selling some other species of crayfish as “Marbled Crayfish”. Mark’s crays are the REAL DEAL and worth every penny. – Gabby Wilson

June 2, 2009 Hey there – I am in Minnesota and am the talk of the local fish-people because I got some very healthy Marbled Crayfish from Mark Robbins a few weeks ago, and they are already full of eggs and ready to have babies. Nobody here has seen anything like them – I am sending all my friends to this website to get their own! – Deborah Loveless

May 27.2009 You are right Mark, these creatures are nothing short of fascinating to watch, and they are not bothering our guppies in the least. The shipping was the most well-packed package possible and we see you take great care in keeping these animals, as well as finding them new homes. We hope to recommend you to all our friends who own aquariums! – Rosalee Delkis

May 3, 2009 Our grandchildren could not be more pleased with the Marbled Crayfish. They invite friends home from school each day to watch them. In this age of video games, we find it pretty remarkable that these creatures have captured the interest of our kids, and are a wonderful serene addition to our aquarium. Mark sticks to his word and is an honest, delightful person to do business with. He seems to have endless patience, which is a rare thing with any business today. – E. Firewell

April 22, 2009 I just wanted to thank you again for the great Marbled Crayfish which I bought last month – all three are now pregnant with lots of eggs and we are having a lot of fun watching the habits of these animals. We appreciate your attention to details and questions both before and after the sale, and we want to help spread the word about you and your way of doing business. – Maria, Washington DC

April 5, 2009 Thank you Mark, for the wonderful service and beautiful animals which you supplied to me. The crayfish are all eating well and the Caridina shrimp are indeed “dancing” around the tank, they are much more interesting to watch than the fishes in our other aquariums! You are really on to something and we plan to order again! – Ralph Bigsby

March 16, 2009 Our school district is very pleased with the transaction and delivery of live Marbled Crayfish for our science classrooms from Kindergarten to 12th Grade. We had many questions which were answered quickly before the sale. All the animals arrived healthy and they are a welcome addition by our teachers and students. – Mrs Hernandez, Texas

FEB 27, 2009 Mark,

I just wanted to give you an update on the Marbled Crayfish. It has been a little over a month since they arrived, and I am excited to say that one of the three is already in berry. I hope to see little crayfish in a month or so. I have to admit I was very skeptical and hesitant about purchasing the crayfish. No offense to you, but everybody knows there are a lot of untrustworthy people out there. If anyone is looking into purchasing a marbled crayfish or two, I highly recommend you do so at Mark is a man of his word. Like all great businessmen, he places the quality of his product and satisfaction of his customers first above all. His assistance does not stop when you receive your crayfish. He continues his great service by answering any questions you may ask of him . . . believe me when I say I bombarded him with questions before and after I received the crayfish. Many thanks to you!

Adrian JAN 12, 2009 The Marbled Crayfish arrived fine. They are now in their own tank. I can’t wait for them to start multiplying. I would like to thank you again for everything. You have made our transaction flawless. I appreciate how you answered all my questions in a timely and professional manner. I hope you don’t mind if I email you from time to time as questions arise. Again I would like to thank you not just for your time, but your generosity as well. Regards, Adrian – San Diego

JAN 5, 2009
Excellent transaction with Mark. Healthy crayfish arrived in great condition. Will do more business here I am sure. David

DEC 10, 2008
“Mark is obviously a very smart man….don’t run into too many business savy people these days. He knows how to underpromise and overdeliver….a well kept secret of success.

All marbled crays arrived safe and healthy via USPS Priority Mail….their quality exceeded my expectations and thanks for the free one.”
D. Chaffee Mesa, AZ

DEC 9, 2008 hey Mark, I have a story for you. these crays are simply amazing, one has almost tripled in size in about a month, also I had one dissapear for 2 weeks, it got sucked up in my filter tube, and after 2 tank cleaning with no water running through it or food for her for 2 weeks, my flow of water was running slow so i took the tube out and the cray fell out STILL ALIVE!!!! its been 2 weeks since then and shes doing great.

Alex Reggans

Nov 26, 2008 Hi Mark! The pregnant crays arrived VERY healthy and took right to the tank. You were right about them not being picky about water, the way fish is sensitive to PH and temperature, the crays could care less. I appreciate your professional demeanor and your time in answering all my concerns before and after the sale!

Kristie – New York City

November 18, 2008 Thanks mark nice easy transaction very helpful my crays are alive and thriving so are the shrimps.

Paul Swanger

October 10, 2008


You provide absolutely outstanding customer service and expert insights. Quick email response and helpful advise makes you stand out as a stellar merchant!

Even after a shipping mishap (USPS lost my crays!) they still arrived safe, sound and are now thriving in their new home.

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this transaction and will absolutely do business with again in the future.

Thanks again, Casey Kilpatrick

October 7, 2008

Thank you so much for the crays and recipe. I look forward to dealing with you again.

The communication and concern are truly appreciated. It shows how involved and dedicated you are to your little friends of the aquatic population.

– Richard Miller

October 7, 2008 Hey Mark! The crayfish and the shrimp are doing wonderfully! They arrived within a day alive and well!

Thank you for the quick responses by email and all the advice that you provided! I am very pleased with my purchase! Thanks again for you time! – Erica Tong

September 18, 2008 I would love to write a couple of lines about my ordering experience. I absolutely love the crayfish. They are much bigger and better looking than I thought they would be. I am having so much fun watching them scoot around the tank. The ordering process took longer than I would have liked, but that was only because Mark has a real passion for the crayfish. He wanted to have them shipped in the safest, quickest manner that would add as little stress as possible to the crays. I really appreciate his fast responses, his honest opinions, as well as the crays, shrimp, and sample food I received with the package. Thanks again, Paula E. Benoit

September 9, 2008 I just wanted to write in and thank you again for the Marbled Crayfish and your special Purple Shrimp. The Express Shipping got hem here safe and healthy, and they are everything you have claimed. They are colorful, active, and doing very well in my home aquarium. I will be ordering again! – Joseph Villasco

August 24, 2008 Mark, thank you for the live crayfish and the excellent food, plus the recipe to make more of this great food for my Aquariums. Since I run a pet shop and have many species of fish for sale, I have NEVER seen results like this. The foods really do magnify the colors of these fish to stunning, brilliant levels. You are really on to something here. – Larry Stern of Larry’s Pets, New York City

August 13, 2008 As a Biology teacher in a public school system, I am thrilled with the experience of keeping Marbled Crayfish in the classroom. This is providing students and parents a way to observe Evolution as a real, daily occurance, not just a theory for debate. Mark took his time to answer all questions patiently before I ordered, and shipped them with the greatest care. These animals obviously come from world class stock. We are already expecting babies as the Marbled Crayfish are now showing “berries” as promised! – Candace Stephens

July 26. 2008 Thanks Mark, for the beautiful blueberry shrimp. They arrived healthy and active, just like the last batch I got from you. By the way, your Gourmet Handmade Foods really do what they claim, my shrimp and fish have much brighter colors after eating them. Those clear babies are already taking on the blue colors, and I am sure that your special food is helping. You really have something special there with the custom Gourmet Foods! I will be ordering more soon. – Sarah Beecham

July 24, 2008
“Thank you Mark, I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase of 3 crayfish! Communication was excellent, thank you for all your help making sure I would be successful. I set up the 30 gal aquarium just as you suggested and all 3 are very active in the tank eating and checking out all the “apartments” there are made out of the PVC pipe. They arrived exactly on schedule and in perfect condition. I couldn’t ask for more! They have become my favorite animals to watch in my aquariums, Thank you again.”
-Kimberly Wilson-

July 8, 2008 Thanks for the crayfish. I really enjoy them. Each one of them seems to have a different personality. It is a blast to sit and watch them after feeding. I would highly recommend these little guys to anyone that wants a little more than just fish. Can’t wait for the little ones. And alot is to be said for you. Superb communication, and you did not tire from the baradge of questions that I asked. I wish all the best for you. -Brandon- -Ft. Worth, Tx.-


  1. – HANS RUJU June 9, 2008 Crays doing good no breeding yet but the bigger one has a shed a couple times and is big and the smaller on is about the size the bigger one was. happy with the purchase still mostly cause i love invertebrates but hoping i have some feeders soon!
    Seth Sanders
  2. -May 28, 2008 “My crayfish arrived quickly and in excellent condition. They are an interesting addition to my collection and are doing exceptionally well. Thanks!” – Jason Umlas
  3. -May 28, 2008 The crayfish arrived safely this afternoon. I just put them in the tank and they all promptly burrowed under the gravel. Guess they aren’t going to be pets to sit and watch for a while. I put them in a 20 gal tank with a few feeder goldfish for the moment, figure I will move one or the other species eventually. Thanks for the quick shipping, I’ll be sure and let you know when I get my first batch of babies. 🙂

– Nicole Baird