babytube1-8For new water in aquariums and aquaponics systems, it is a time-proven way to get biological systems started by introducing beneficial bacteria. This bacteria will multiply quickly and be beneficial for fish and the plants of aquaponics systems. In “cycling” a tank or circulatory system, these bacteria dramatically reduce the time needed for a full cycle: in some cases down to 8 hours.

In soil-based plants, and aquaponics, introducing these bacteria into any system will result in “super water” for your plants. Even in soil based systems, the water from Marbled Crayfish tanks causes plants to grow phenomenally! For a circulating aquaponics system, introducing these Marbled Crayfish bacteria pads to your existing tanks will have both an immediate and long term effect on your fish and plants.

We offer these beneficial bacteria in a concentrated form – a 50-micron filter pad filled to capacity with effluent and bacteria. For soil based plants, simply place the pads at the base of the plant, and spray with water until the pad is clean on both sides. The filter pad also has the advantage of being shipped at lowest cost possible. Compared to the cost of shipping overnight (required for live crayfish) the packaged bacteria pad can be sent via regular mail. Or, if you prefer overnight or 2-day shipping, just email and tell us what you want.

Buy your Beneficial Live Bacteria, available today! We suggest 4 pads per soil-based plant, either potted plant, or direct to ground. We accept Paypal at and get all the benefits for your soil-based plants, aquarium, or aquaponics system!

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