Marbled Crayfish – a true self-cloning wonder for the domestic aquarium! This website,, is the home of the Original website for MARMORKREBS – the Marbled Crayfish. They were discovered in an aquarium shop in Germany in the late 1990’s. (See more info under the WELCOME tab). Often misrepresented by academia and tabloid press as a threatening invasive species, this animal is a great source of feeders, classroom aquariums and more, for responsible aquarium keepers. Naturally, NO animal should be let out into the wild from domestic care. But, we feel such claims of massive harm done by this animal are greatly exaggerated. As a pet, or for classroom research, these animals are perfect additions. For the responsible keepers of aquarium fishes, reptiles & amphibians, these crays are ideal as a source of feeders. Frozen crays are even used as fishing bait! And academic research in many universities uses Marbled Crayfish to study DNA, Genetics and their ability to clone themselves – which is quite unique for a newly discovered species!

This species is CLAIMED to be invasive in Europe, but not in the USA. Conversely, a whole bloom in crayfish would only provide food up the food chain for fishes, reptiles, amphibians, raccoons, and more. Makes more sense than hysterical articles about “posing threats” having new species introduced into local nature. Historically, most animals on earth find their way to other continents naturally, where the “invasive species” adapts to the location. This includes birds, bugs, and other animal species. “Invasive Species” is a scary sounding phrase which helps politicians and journalists gain recognition. Very few “invasive species” are actually harmful (ie Zebra Mussels in lakes, which do cause problems). Keeping these crayfish in aquariums by responsible owners does not create a threat to any outside environment.