Marbled Crayfish Original Website Since 2007. True Clones!The following are basics for setting up an environment to maintain large numbers of Marbled Crayfish. Large colonies are great to use for “feeders” for carnivorous pets, as well as for fishing bait. (We recommend using frozen dead crays for fishing bait!).

First off – no, you cannot raise Marbled Crayfish in the same tank with cichlids, turtles and other animals which eat them. You will need a separate tank to raise the crays in when you want a supply for feeders.

PONDS – Ponds are not a good idea for this animal. It is a new species and not something we want to add to native environments. Ponds have the potential to overflow during a big rain, and this invites all animals to move to nearby streams, lakes and waterways.  Outdoor ponds also invite in birds who can carry crays and drop them into the wild. These animals should be kept controlled in indoor aquariums. In North Texas, we have done experiments with tanks in 140-degree heat in a garage tank, and in colder weather including overnight freeze. They do survive in temperatures which kill fishes. I speculate, however, that they cannot survive a longterm freeze, like in any Northern USA state. These are aquarium animals first and foremost.

Note: In Aquaponics, the use of outdoor “tubs” like Tupperware (Rubbermaid, Sterlite, etc) are very suitable, especially the darker color ones which keep out sunlight, especially placing a tub inside a tub. This keeps a check on algae and even cools the water in summer sun.

The statements provided in this website reflect the personal experience of the owner, not the results of academic research per se.