Favorite Introducing Self-Cloning Aquarium Feeders!

Marbled Crayfish – a true self-cloning wonder for the domestic aquarium! This website, www.MarbledCrayfish.com, is the home of the Original website for MARMORKREBS – the Marbled Crayfish. They were discovered in an aquarium shop in Germany in the late 1990’s. … Continue reading

Ordering Self-Cloning Marbled Crayfish

I offer Marbled Crayfish for sale only in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area, unless you are involved in University Study or Aquaponics in the USA outside Texas. I never have, and never will, sell livestock outside the USA. (I … Continue reading

Marbled Crayfish and AQUAPONICS

Marbled Crayfish are very useful in the area of AQUAPONICS, or recirculating garden systems.  The basic principle is simple: live fish provide waste which is pumped into plant containers to feed root systems. The water is filtered by the plant … Continue reading