Favorite Introducing Self-Cloning Aquarium Feeders!

Marbled Crayfish – a true self-cloning wonder for the domestic aquarium! This website, www.MarbledCrayfish.com, is the home of the Original website for MARMORKREBS – the Marbled Crayfish. They were discovered in an aquarium shop in Germany in the late 1990’s. (See more info under the WELCOME tab). Often misrepresented by academia and tabloid press as a threatening invasive species, this animal is a great source of feeders, classroom aquariums and more, for responsible aquarium keepers. Naturally, NO animal should be let out into the wild from domestic care. But, we feel such claims of massive harm done by this animal are greatly exaggerated. As a pet, or for classroom research, these animals are perfect additions. For the responsible keepers of aquarium fishes, reptiles & amphibians, these crays are ideal as a source of feeders. Frozen crays are even used as fishing bait! And academic research in many universities uses Marbled Crayfish to study DNA, Genetics and their ability to clone themselves – which is quite unique for a newly discovered species!

This species is CLAIMED to be invasive in Europe, but not in the USA.  Conversely, a whole bloom in crayfish would only provide food up the food chain for fishes, reptiles, amphibians, raccoons, and more. Makes more sense than hysterical articles about “posing threats” having new species introduced into local nature. Historically, most animals on earth find their way to other continents naturally, where the “invasive species” adapts to the location. This includes birds, bugs, and other animal species. “Invasive Species” is a scary sounding phrase which helps politicians and journalists gain recognition. (Keep in mind that MOST animals on the planet moved from one continent to another at one time to evolve further, making most animals “invasive species”.) Very few “invasive species” are actually harmful (ie Zebra Mussels in lakes, which do cause problems – mainly because academia and politics move too slow to effectively contain the problem). Keeping these crayfish in aquariums by responsible owners does not create a threat to any outside environment.

Ordering Self-Cloning Marbled Crayfish

I offer Marbled Crayfish for sale only in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area, unless you are involved in University Study or Aquaponics in the USA outside Texas. I never have, and never will, sell livestock outside the USA. (I have never been a commercial operation, just a hobbyist with some original stock, and a little insight.) Texas residents outside DFW – if you have a Lonestar Overnight shipping account, we can ship to you. If you live in or near DFW, Texas, email curator@marbledcrayfish.com to inquire about current availability, price and a meeting place.

If you are outside of Texas, the reason why we do not ship very often is because of the cost of shipping. First, these are live animals which require OVERNIGHT shipping services, not 2-3 day shipping. The US Post Office has proven to be worthless in this area, and the only options for shipping are FEDEX and UPS. You can look up overnight shipping prices yourself at www.shipgooder.com. We are shipping from zip code 75028 in a box 7x7x6 which weighs just under 5 pounds. If the price of overnight shipping is something you can handle, email us for the price of the animals and the shipping carrier you chose for OVERNIGHT shipping.

Again, we are in Texas, meaning that the weather prevents shipping in weather extremes of summer and winter. During shipping, boxes are placed on warehouse shelves and in trucks without temperature regulation. It does not work out well for live crustaceans to experience 120+ degree heat or freezing conditions. We also learned that the “bag heaters” which are used to ship some fishes, generally will boil crustaceans, and are not going to be used with my crays.

Some states have Wildlife laws which restrict the importation of Marbled Crayfish. You need to do some research and find out if you live in a state where such laws prohibit them. This is your responsibility, not ours.


For new water in aquariums and aquaponics systems, it is a time-proven way to get biological systems started by introducing beneficial bacteria. This bacteria will multiply quickly and be beneficial for fish and the plants of aquaponics systems. In “cycling” a tank or circulatory system, these bacteria dramatically reduce the time needed for a full cycle: in some cases down to 8 hours.

In aquaponics, introducing these bacteria into any system will result in “super water” for your plants. Even in soil based systems, the water from Marbled Crayfish tanks causes plants to grow phenomenally! For a circulating aquaponics system, introducing these Marbled Crayfish bacteria pads to your existing tanks will have both an immediate and long term effect on your fish and plants. In fact, we invite your own “before and after” pictures of your plants and fishes after using bacteria pads, at www.AquaponicsTexas.com!

We offer these beneficial bacteria in a concentrated form – a filter pad filled to capacity with effluent and bacteria. The filter pad also has the advantage of being shipped at lowest cost possible. Compared to the cost of shipping overnight (required for live crayfish) the packaged bacteria pad can be sent via regular mail. Or, if you prefer overnight or 2-day shipping, just email curator@marbledcrayfish.com and tell us what you want.

Live Bacteria pads available today for $25.00. We accept Paypal. email curator@marbledcrayfish.com and get all the benefits for your aquarium or aquaponics system!

Marbled Crayfish and AQUAPONICS

Marbled Crayfish are very useful in the area of AQUAPONICS, or recirculating garden systems.  The basic principle is simple: live fish provide waste which is pumped into plant containers to feed root systems. The water is filtered by the plant roots and returns clean and fresh into the fish tank, where edible species of fish are grown.

However for small systems in particular (for personal dwellings), marbled crayfish supply a plentiful amount of waste for plants to feed on in a small space. They are also a self cloning animal, meaning they multiply into a colony. Interesting also is that this species of crayfish eats primarily plant materials, like aquatic plants or sliced cucumbers.

Wastewater from Marbled Crayfish tanks can also be used on plants where it is too hot to keep live animals in outside tanks. MANY greenhouse operations use the wastewater from marbled crays!

For more information about the use of Marbled Crayfish with Aquaponics, see our links from the menu.