I offer Marbled Crayfish for sale only in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area, unless you are involved in University Study or Aquaponics in the USA outside Texas. I never have, and never will, sell livestock outside the USA. (I have never been a commercial operation, just a hobbyist with some original stock, and a little insight.) If you live in or near DFW, Texas, email marbledcrayfish@gmail.com to inquire about current availability, price and a meeting place.

If you are outside of DFW, Texas, the reason why we do not ship very often is because of the cost of shipping. First, these are live animals which require OVERNIGHT shipping services, not 2-3 day shipping. We are shipping from zip code 75028 in a box 7x7x6 which weighs just under 2 pounds. If the price of overnight shipping is something you can handle, email us for the price of the animals and the shipping carrier you chose for OVERNIGHT shipping.

Again, we are in Texas, meaning that the weather prevents shipping in weather extremes of summer and winter. During shipping, boxes are placed on warehouse shelves and in trucks without temperature regulation. It does not work out well for live crustaceans to experience 120+ degree heat or freezing conditions. We also learned that the “bag heaters” which are used to ship some fishes, generally will boil crustaceans, and are not going to be used with my crays.

Some states have Wildlife laws which restrict the importation of Marbled Crayfish. You need to do some research and find out if you live in a state where such laws prohibit them. This is your responsibility, not ours. In Texas, that list is located at


If you have obtained Marbled Crays from us, we would LOVE your feedback, please. Do so at (the ORIGINAL source in the USA) give us a review of your experience! Thank you!