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Marbled Crayfish - Marmorkrebs
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 by Michael B Stewart
new clone without black pigment!

Have had Marbleds since last winter. Have gone through several generations but with considerable losses until I realized what they need! They absolutely need space! Adults and sub-adults need to be separated. Am not sure when the best time to separate the immature...however considering how some of the young are more often apt to attack any of the others while the "others" are more interested in just getting to the food.

It is my best guess that this would be a good time to either introduce them to a much larger tank or perhaps separate the "aggressors" from the others.

 by Matt pixley

I don't think that I have ever met anyone as knowledgeable as mark he really knows his crayfish. I learned more from him in a 10 minute conversation then I would have ever learned from any forum or pet store clerk. the crayfish themselves were beautiful and are thriving. I just can't wait till I have a colony of my own. thank you Mark!

 by Jeannie Benton
Rescued! Thank you so much.

We were in desperate need of restocking our marbled crayfish colony. After successfully raising marble crayfish for the past two years, we were experiencing a die-off, and badly need to replenish in order to carry on our experiments in the lab.

Mark Robbins came to our rescue in so many nice ways! It was a pleasure to interact with him via email. Within an hour of our request, he responded and proposed a plan of shipping the crayfish to us. They arrived the next day ! in absolutely perfect shape, accompanied by an email with some helpful suggestions to continue their good health. Our colony has started again; we will continue to use this very reliable source for marbled crayfish.

 by joshua

I drove an hour out to go get some crawfish this man meet me inside the Whataburger. I got them and drove all the way home and they lasted just fine. They are loving the tank I put them in now I'm just waiting for them to start multiply

 by Jeremiah
complete start-up

Mark is a complete gentleman and a pleasure to do buisness with. He responded to every email very rapidly. I am a local guy and was very happy to meet in person. He had more knowledge to share and was very happy to answer any questions that I had. I found his website very informative and followed his recommendations for a tank setup and the mermorkrebs seem very happy. I can't wait to see them multiply and thrive.

 by Jason Rivet
Four Crayfish for Aquaponic System

Picked up four 1.5 inch Marbled Crayfish from Mark on May 1st. I was very impressed by the way he had all four in a calming liquid solution and bagged twice for transportation back to the house. I will order more from Mark soon for my Aquaponic system.

 by Charles
Unexpected these days!

I will start by saying, I do not give testimonials unless service is Outstanding.

That said, Mark went above and beyond to make sure I received my Marmorkrebs.

Constant e-mails back and forth. I swear he was constantly watching for mail from me

and responded within minuets. My crays needed to be shipped to Florida.

Mark overnighted the shipment and I got them before noon.

All healthy and larger than expected.

Mark will do whatever it takes for his customers.

 by Bryan
Satisfaction Garunteed

I met with Mark this morning to purchase a few crayfish. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain in detail how to care for them. He was very approachable and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thanks again Mark, I will definitely send any interested folks your way!

 by Anita Rangel
Very Happy

I met with Mark, today for a local pickup for Crays...He was very friendly, and punctual. He even gave me a green tote bag to take my new friends to the office, this was beyond thoughtful of him. He made sure to go over the history of this rare cray, and answered every question I had with full confidence. Shoot he is so easy going, it was like we met before. I highly recommend Mark! If your a beginner he will get you on the right track, to successful colonies. FYI I had a bonus baby! THANKS Mark your awesome!!

 by Hieu Nguyen
Red cherry shrimp

It was a pleasure to meet Mark in person for picking up some email ordered shrimps. Mark was punctual and helpful w/ info. Will contact Mark for more if all gone well. THX 🙂

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